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38 15 2011 L Arabiansex v Arabiansex d Wikipedia & Arabiansex m Wikipedia Lsearch2search1 Wikipedia s 2011 e 2011 r Beautiesdating.com hsearch 2011 etsearch Arabiansex r Arabiansex e Beautiesdating.com dsearchl 2011 2011 rsearchn Arabiansex aH 2011 m Beautiesdating.com tn, Jeffrey Rodgers, & Elaine Arata January 18, 2010 N/A After finding out Ricky has cheated, Adrian throws her phone at the butcher shop window, prompting Ricky to confront her after he's approached by Bunny over the incident. Ricky demands that she pay the fine and Adrian fears her father will find out. She turns to Tom who breaks up with Tammy because he thinks that after loaning her money, they will marry. Meanwhile, Amy tells Ben to quit delaying to act on his intention to break up with her and Jack tells Grace that he is dating Madison. Remorseful for cheating, Ricky decides to take responsibility for the broken window. He also asks Ben if he is sure about breaking up with Amy. Maria kisses Ben, while Amy tells Ben she hopes they could still be friends. Adrian's father discovers Adrian's financial situation causing him to advise Adrian. He explains that Ricky's cheating is a result of Adrian's refusal to make peace with the mother of his son. Trying to mediate things with Amy, Ricky tells her that he is afraid that if she ever leaves, he will never see John again. Amy finally acknowledges that John, Ricky, and her are a family. The two agree that they must find some way to make their family work. 39 16 "Just Say Me" Anson Williams Brenda Hampton & Paul Perlove January 25, 2010 N/A Adrian gets her chance to befriend Amy by bringing her water. While the relationship starts as an act, Adrian starts to enjoy Amy's company, while Amy feels it is nice to have someone besides a boyfriend in her life. Meanwhile, Grace starts a trend when she decides to take care of herself and not worry about others. A "Just Say Me" campaign starts, and word of it spreads fast. Dr. Bink finds that Grace is the one who is responsible for the campaign, and calls her mom, only to make both of them clean up the school. With permission from Grace, Jack and Madison decide to get together. Later, Jimmy comes to invite Amy out for pizza and Amy decides to leave John with Ricky and Adrian instead of taking him with them. 40 17 "The Second Time Around" Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton & Elaine Arata February 1, 2010 N/A Amy goes on a date with Jimmy. Meanwhile, Ashley persuades George to visit Anne to rekindle their relationship, and Griffin sends his cousin Grant to get to know Ashley. Ben visits Grace and tells her that he wants to be friends, and as he leaves, they kiss. At the same time, Amy and Jimmy kiss. After George knocks on Anne's apartment door, Josh answers and explains Anne is with Mimsy and might come back home. While Ricky encourages Amy not to get caught up with Ben and Grace and tells her that he likes the attitude change he sees in her, Adrian's parents tell her they will get married, therefore causing her mom not to take the job offer in New York. When she returns home, Anne sees George outside with another woman, and tells Ashley that she doesn't think it would be a good time for her to be back. 41 18 "Let's Try That Again" Barry Watson Brenda Hampton February 8, 2010 N/A When Jimmy doesn't call her, Madison and Lauren instill worries in Amy that she may have done something wrong. Adrian pushes Ricky to have their parents meet before her parents' wedding, and Ricky reluctantly agrees while insisting that no commitment is to come of it. A distraught Amy bumps into Ricky and seeks his advice. Ricky offers to privately help Amy fix her problem. Meanwhile, Dr. Bink promotes the mother daughter dance around Grant High School, and girls around the school ask their mothers to join them at the dance. Grace is reluctant to ask Kathleen to attend since she feels her mom is marrying Jeff too soon. Later, Jack and Ben discuss things and try to decide where they stand in Grace's life. An insecure Adrian meddles in Amy's love affairs with Jimmy due to an increasing fear that a single Amy and Ricky might just connect. At the same time, a confused Anne attempts to sort out her relationship with George and their family, encouraging that they see a therapist. Ashley quickly walks in and out of Ricky and Amy's much heated kissing. Later on, Ashley tells Anne that although it seems like their family is divided into two sides, she still loves her mother too. 42 19 "The Rhythm of Life" Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton & Jeffrey Rodgers February 15, 2010 N/A George and Ruben discover that Ricky and Amy kissed. While at the mother daughter dance, the mothers and daughters are caught up in gossip as Anne, Ashley, Grace, Amy, and Adrian discuss each other's personal relationships. Ben reveals to Henry and Alice the underlying reason for breaking things off with Amy which was fear that having sex with her may result in a second pregnancy. He also tells Leo that he wants to get back together with Amy. Meanwhile, at the mother daughter dance, rumors fly around that George and Anne will get married again. Later, Ben goes over to Amy's in hopes of a reconciliation only to find out about the kiss between Amy and Ricky. Adrian tries to console Ben. The two of them end up having sex, which they consider to be an act of revenge against Ricky and Amy. Ricky sends Adrian a text message saying that he loves her. 43 20 "Mistakes Were Made" Anson Williams Brenda Hampton February 22, 2010 3.03[25] Adrian confesses to Ricky what happened between her and Ben and is surprised to learn that Ricky only kissed Amy. After finding out about Ben and Adrian, Amy visits Jimmy to find out why he never called her and both apologize for their actions. Meanwhile, Madison and Lauren babysit John, Ashley's developing feelings for Grant escalate into a kiss, and George and Anne seek counseling from Dr. Fields for their relationship. Elsewhere, Ben is deeply convinced that he wants to be with Amy and regrets having anything to do with Adrian or Grace. Because Ben had sex with Adrian, Ricky gets angry with Ben's irresponsible action, destroying the friendship he has with Ricky, and causing Ricky to leave town in anger. 44 21 "Choices" Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton & Elaine Arata March 1, 2010 3.14[26] Ricky attempts to track down his mother, and Ashley calls urging him to return home. Meanwhile, Adrian tells Cindy that she had sex with Ben; Cindy tells Ruben, who becomes upset. Amy decides that not having Ricky in her life is a good thing for her and John. Ben's father remains upset with Ben's decision to have sex with Adrian and feels he should apologize to Amy, Adrian, and Ricky for his irresponsible actions. Elsewhere, George notices Anne's new figure and wants to improve his own. No longer regretful, Adrian reassures Ben that they are both friends, while Ricky offers forgiveness to his mother as he struggles with his decision to abandon his son in order to escape his troubles. 45 22 "Good Girls & Boys" Anson Williams Brenda Hampton March 8, 2010 3.21[27] Leo offers advice as well as forgiveness to Ricky for leaving, and Ben seeks Ricky's forgiveness. Ricky's foster parents tell him they want to play a more prominent role in his life. Elsewhere, Jeff and Kathleen marry, but Grace isn't excited when they decide to have their honeymoon at home. After forgiving Ben, Ricky tells him that Amy will never forgive him for his indiscretion. Anne advises Amy to immediately confront her issues with Ricky and Amy realizes she would do just about anything for John. At school, Ricky confronts Adrian and ends their relationship. Later, Madison and Lauren are convinced Ricky is acting on his unresolved emotions for Amy. Meanwhile, Grace offers Ben her friendship and Ashley and Grant begin seeing each other regularly. Anne and George disagree on an appropriate time frame to remarry, and Ricky tells Amy that he is seeking the right to take John on weekends. 46 23 "I Got You, Babe" Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton & Jeffrey Rodgers March 15, 2010 2.79[28] After her refusal, Ricky enlists George's help in getting Amy to reconsider his custody proposal. Adrian and Amy team up against Ricky by devising a plan for the custody hearing by having friends speak up on Amy's behalf for the mediation. Elsewhere, Anne, George, Margaret and Shakur have a dinner discussion about their children not being able to come to an agreement. Ricky takes the case to a mediator after using Adrian and Amy's idea against them. When Amy decides that Ricky would be a good father to John, the mediator grants Ricky joint custody of John. Afterward, Amy and Ricky agree to work together to plan John's first birthday. Adrian realizes she may be pregnant as a result of her vengeful sexual encounter with Ben. 47 24 "Ben There, Done That" Anson Williams Brenda Hampton & Elaine Arata March 22, 2010 3.17 Without Ricky or anyone else knowing, Amy throws a little party for John and herself the night before his birthday. On John's first birthday, Anne tells Amy that she and George would not attend their grandson's birthday party because Mimzy had a stroke. Adrian tells Grace that she wants an abortion, and Grace urges to get an early pregnancy test to make sure she is actually pregnant. Elsewhere, Anne and George visit Mimzy who informs them that she married Eugene and George tells Anne he wants to marry the next day; Ricky and Amy decide to have a small party at Ricky's apartment for John, leaving Ashley alone for the night with Grant and Griffin; and Cindy and Ruben, Adrian's parents, have a small wedding of their own. When Amy and Ricky arrive at the butcher shop, Ben tells Amy that he would always be there for her. Betty and Leo happily marry each other; at the same time, Anne tells George she isn't ready for a wedding, and Adrian wants to tell Ben that she could be pregnant, but a decision is not made.



Though it came as a surprise, writers of The Secret Life were faced with a challenge when writing began for the second season. In January 2009, Molly Ringwald announced that she was expecting twins of her own. She told People Magazine that Brenda Hampton was working on writing her character's pregnancy into the storyline of the show.[29]

Kenny Baumann, the actor who plays Ben Boykewich, confirmed that someone would die in the second season of Secret Life. The character would be a "significant male character" and the death would be a terrible tragedy.[30][31] It was later revealed that John Schneider, who portrayed the role as Grace's dad, Marshall, left the show due to multiple shows and projects he has. Marshall was written out of the series in "The Big One".

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